Turning municipal solid waste (msw)
into a green coal equivalent substitute

The total waste system (TWS) is a patented process using specialized technology to turn any solid waste material into a marketable product. Recovery facilities normally have to remove recyclable materials from the sorting line and the remaining waste is then landfilled. However, with the introduction of Regreen Technology, that is no longer the case.
ReGreen Futures
ReGreen 15 tph
Total Waste System

With Regreen’s Technology, the process begins by placing waste material on to the initial conveyor. The system can use a small loader or it can be configured to accept material directly from collection vehicles. The process is very useful for waste material with high organic content. The TWS comes equipped for a ”negative sort”, removing rocks, metals, and other inert materials or potential contaminants. This sorting line is on the ground level and is typically three feet wide.

With heavier sorting requirements, Regreen has the option of adding a trommel screen and elevated sorting line for the removal of recyclables. Immediately prior to the sorting line, the rotating trommel screen can be placed to remove materials that are under a designated size. Typically, this screen is 3 inches, so all small materials will drop into the ground level sorting line. At this point metals will be removed by a ferrous magnetic sorter and rocks and glass are removed by a sorting personal. The trommels are sized to the desired processing capacity of the system, also it could be designed at the client’s discretion. Also, additional mechanical sorting equipment may be added such as optical sorters and air handlers or other processing equipment.

All of Regreen’s process systems starts with shredders featuring a proprietary design. The system is the heart of the Regreen systems.

Utilizing Regreen Systems
Trash to fluff/pellets in less than 1 hour
MSW Raw Material
MSW Raw Material
Shredded MSW
Shredded MSW
Pressed MSW
Pressed MSW
Radiant Heat Processor/Dryer
Radiant Heat Processor/Dryer
Pressed Liquid from the Presses
Pressed Liquid from the Presses
  • Equipped with hydraulic pusher moving waste towards the shredding drum.
  • The system uses patented blade cooling system.
  • It can shred from thin to thick plastic films to toughest palm fronds.
  • The waste is processed into uniform sizes of 50 millimeters or less.
  • Uniform size and smaller particles are vital to the process since it helps the system to quickly kill bacteria, germs, and eliminate odors. 
Regreen Radiant Heat Moisture Extractor
  • During the initial unloading stage (prior to shredder), the odor is initially controlled by a built in mist/spray system.
  • The Regreen Radiant Heat Moisture Extractor will process the shredded waste to reduce the bacteria and odor causing pathogens.
  • It is designed to lower the moisture content to less than 10%.
  • It utilizes INDIRECT dry steam or oil for energy.
  • After exiting the Radian Heat Moisture Extractor, the waste will transfer to the Press.
  • It is designed to further remove the moisture content by 40%.
  • The liquid extracted from the process is gathered and transferred to a special filtration system via a pump.
Liquid Extractor/Water Treatment
  • The dirty water from the press is ran through sand filters first.
  • The waste water is further filtered through activated carbon filters.
  • The process adds chemicals to the water in order to reclaim it and in effect brings it back up to irrigation standards.
  • The reclaimed water can then be used for cleaning, farming, or any other on/off site uses.
Regreen Radiant Heat Processor
  • While the extracted liquid is going through the reclaim process, the solids are transferred to the Radiant Heat Processor via the conveyor belt.
  • At this stage, solids are further stabilized and the leftover moisture gets extracted and turned into a vapor, leaving the solids with the desired moisture level (as low as 4%).
  • It also disintegrates many of the toxins that are found in the MSW.
  • It utilizes INDIRECT dry steam or oil for energy.
  • A grinder is then used to prepare the material for pelletizing or briquettes.
  • The pellets can be made to any specification.
  • This system uses Regreen’s pellet-chilling unit to create a long lasting and high value commodity for energy applications.
  • If only organic waste is used, the end product can also be used as fertilizer and/or animal feed.
Finished Product Specification
  • Regreen pellets burn cleaner than any other source of fuel, and have a high BTU value.
  • Our pellets do not produce smoke while burning and burns longer due to compact of the pellets.
  • Smoke from the pellets if any, would be the Syngass
  • Some applications will not require pellets, so material straight from the dryer (aka “fluff”) or ground into a powder form are also options.
  • Pellets, fluff, and powder are highly marketable for energy production, even when not in pellet form.
In summary

Regreens TWS processed material (garbage or organic waste) performs better than any other processed material in gasifiers or applications that use coal for energy production. The Regreen process eliminates odor, greatly reduces harmful bacteria, and viruses from garbage and/or organic waste. Our system also effectively homogenizes the processed material. These unique actions and benefits, along with the lowest moisture content produced by any system in the world, creates end products (pellets/fluff/powder) that are significantly lower in emissions and avoid clinkering issues in all energy production applications.

Technologies and Processes
Transforms MSW into i/p for other processes
Simple and adaptable process
45% global warming reduction from animal manure
Closed loop system – radiant heat – safe and efficient
Reclamation – Elimination of old and aging landfills
25% global warming reduction from food waste
No Harmful Emission – Negative Carbon Footprint
Auditable – Enables sales of carbon credits
Eliminates all harmful, hard-to-kill bacteria (arrests sporification)
Technology Benefits

Trash is converted to pellets/fluff, then sold on open market to major users. Another additional option is to add back-end modules to the Regreen system, further monetizing the pellets by converting them into other usable/marketable products like electricity, animal feed, other gases (H or N), rubber filler, etc.

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