Each time you purchase an electronic device to replace your old one or upgrade its models you need to shift it away from your place of use after you’ve stopped using it. Since e-waste is highly infectious when disposed carelessly ,it should be shifted in the proper way. Here are some tips for e-waste management:

1) Before shifting any devices make sure that they are fully discharged because this will prevent any accidents including fire outbreaks. Unplug devices before removing any batteries.

2) Check for local recycling facilities to shift your e-waste in the best possible way. If you cannot find a facility near you, register with an online recycling site so that they can collect your e-waste and shift them to proper disposal sites.

3) Use of reusable packaging materials like fiber drums to pack heavy electronic items will save both energy and money. This will also help to reduce material wastage as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

4) Seek advice from electronics makers about the right way to dispose of their products, especially if you are shifting one for the first time because different companies have different guidelines on how to dispose of their waste electronic equipment properly.

5) If you are moving domestically or internationally, always transport your e-waste in secured containers to avoid any adverse effects like water and soil contamination. Avoid throwing the devices on the back of trucks and never pack them together with other non-electronic materials.

6) Always continue recycling your used electronic items since it will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent pollution .Electronics manufacturing companies should be highly responsible for their products once they have been discontinued from use to ensure that hazardous components do not leak into the environment.

7) When you are purchasing a new electronic device choose the options with a lesser amount of hazardous materials to reduce e-waste generation.

8) Manufacturers should design products that are reusable, recyclable and sustainable so as to reduce the waste generated by their products.

9) The government should draft policies on how to dispose of e-waste in an environmentally friendly way since it is among some of our most dangerous forms of waste . It should also draft policies encouraging companies to use recycled components instead of raw materials for manufacturing purposes.

10) People who want to continue using their old devices must not throw them away but donate them to organizations or facilities that can still put them into good use.

With these tips you will have the capacity to handle your e-waste in the best way possible.