Looking for some waste management ideas? Wondering how to make the best out of what you have? Let’s look at some amazing and simple ideas that might help you manage waste effectively.

1. Recycle waste into something useful

One of the most common ideas that you can come across is recycling waste to create something useful out of it. For example, a company in Seattle has set an example by turning coffee wastes into planters.

Coffee pods are non biodegradable, so this idea makes good use of what would otherwise be disposed of without much thought. You can also find uses for candy wrappers, eggshells, and even egg cartons! Find out more about these here.

2. Turn plastic waste into artwork/creativity

Who says plastic waste cannot be turned into creative art? There’s no end to the ways people have found to upcycle old plastic bottles and other garbage items to create amazing works of art. Why not let your creativity loose and see what you can create?

3. Turn waste into compost/fertilizer

The combination of biodegradable waste like vegetable peels and other food wastes is a great way to fertilize the soil in your backyard garden or start your own indoor hydroponic farm. The vegetable peel decomposes quickly and feeds the plants, making for healthier and better-yielding crops.

4. Composting food waste:

Food waste can be an expensive proposition as it requires proper disposal at subsidized rates from garbage collectors.

While we might be tempted to discard them, we must remember that these food wastes will contribute enormously to landfills if not discarded properly. Composting can be an elegant solution to this problem.

5. Wastewater treatment:

Did you know that treated wastewater from industries can help in increasing soil fertility? This is because treated wastewater contains nitrogen and phosphorus which in turn provide nutrition to plants and trees, making them grow in abundance.

Additionally, even wastewater like the shower or sink water can be recycled into a usable form through a process called greywater recycling.

6. Use incineration:

Incinerators can be an effective way of eliminating waste and at the same time creating energy. With the help of modern technology, we can use ‘controlled combustion’ to destroy waste while producing heat or burning fuel for generating electricity. You could even build your own DIY model here!

7. Create a worm farm:

Worm farming is another productive way of reducing organic wastes in an environmentally friendly manner. The worms eat food scraps and produce castings that are used as fertilizers for plants.

Not only would this save you money on buying fertilizers but also provide a natural source of fertilization which you can add to compost piles or directly apply on plants with a good impact on their growth and health.