Paper recycling is a process of turning waste paper into useful new paper. The recycling process uses less water and energy than creating new paper does, which is good for the environment.

Benefits of Paper Recycling

There are many benefits of paper recycling. Some of them are:

  • Help to reduce the amount of garbage in landfills and the pollution entering waterways and oceans.
  • Prevents trees from being cut down (to make new paper)
  • Saves energy and water
  • Decreases pollution
  • Saves money and resources

What Type of Paper Can be Recycled:

Most types of paper can be recycled, including cardboard boxes, newspapers, junk mail, magazines, and office paper. However, you should avoid recycling paper with food scraps on it or any kind of non-paper material stuck to it.

Paper Recycling Process:

There are different ways to recycle paper. The recycling process is very similar to how new paper is made.

Step#1: Waste collection

The process of paper recycling starts when paper waste is collected. The collection companies make sure that the waste is clean and dry. They usually take multiple loads of paper from different places, like offices and schools.

Step#2: Waste sorting

After the waste has been collected, it is taken to a sorting center. At the sorting center, there are different conveyor belts with workers on each one. The first worker grabs everything that isn’t paper and crushes it into tiny pieces.

Step#3: Pulping

The tiny pieces of non-paper material go through a pulper machine to be turned into pulp. A worker monitors the process throughout to make sure that everything is going well. When all of the materials have turned into pulp, water is added to create paper sludge.

Step#4: Paper machine

The next step in recycling paper is mixing up all of the ingredients-including water, pulp sludge, clean dry paper, and chemicals in a large machine. All of these ingredients are added to the machine in the correct amounts so that the paper sludge can become new paper. If all goes well, this is how paper recycling happens.

Things Made Out of Recycled Paper:

There are many things that can be made out of recycled paper! Some of these things include:

  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Cereal boxes and cartons
  • Cardboard packaging for cereal, soda, and other products
  • New paper bags
  • New notebooks, loose leaf paper, and copy paper
  • Wrapping paper

These are only some of the many things that can be made out of recycled paper.