1. Roosevelt Regional Landfill, Sublette, KS

Located in Sublette, Kansas, the Roosevelt Regional Landfill is a landfill that accepts household waste and construction debris. The landfill has been operating since 1990. One of the landfill’s significant clients is in Roosevelt, WA.

It has a maximum capacity of 18 million tons and a total area of 925 acres. Roosevelt Regional Landfill is operated by Waste Management, Inc., America’s leading comprehensive waste management services provider.

2. Denver Arapahoe Disposal Site, Aurora, CO

The Denver Arapahoe Disposal Site is located near Aurora, Colorado. It is the third-largest landfill globally and America’s second-largest waste disposal site. The facility has been operating since 1952 and accepts municipal solid waste, including construction debris, industrial waste, commercial waste, mining waste w/ some special waste fees depending on what you are dumping.

The approximate capacity of the site is 20 million tons with a total area of 20 square miles which makes it larger than Manhattan! Waste Management Inc operates it.

3. Columbia Ridge Landfill, Oregon

Columbia Ridge Landfill and Green Energy Plant in Oregon and Washington is a safe and professional landfill that provides disposal services for communities, companies, and industries from the states of Oregon and Washington. The facility is located in north-central Oregon, with easy truck access from Portland and rail access from Seattle.
Columbia Ridge’s climate and unique geology all contribute to outstanding environmental performance. The rural setting allows for a 10,000-acre agricultural reserve for sustainability and biodiversity. Columbia Ridge is also a site for wind energy and green technologies that use waste to produce clean energy and fuels.

4. Pine Tree Acres Land, Michigan

Pine Tree Acres Landfill is located in Lenox Township, Michigan, in a rural area. The landfill was granted its first permit for construction in 1986 and began operations that year. In 1987, the landfill began operating.

Pine Tree Acres is the only landfill in Macomb County and serves as a disposal facility for residents and companies in the seven-county Southeast Michigan Council of Governments region. The facility is operated by Waste Management, the country’s largest supplier of complete environmental services.

Waste Management utilizes the pine Tree Acres Landfill for waste collection in Ontario and Michigan. Pine Tree Acres is also a source of energy and a major employer, as well as a community amenity.